Search Engine Optimisation

In this day and age merely having a website isn't enough to rank high on Search Engines when users are looking for a specific product or service. A specific approach has to be taken with regards to how the site is structured, the content is written and laid out to improve the chances of a site landing a spot on the first page of a search, or even the top spot.

Search Engines provide users with results based on the content of a site that is visible not only to the user but the Search Engines themselves.

Search Engines, most notably Google and Bing who receive 97% of global search queries, utilise robots, software that uses an algorithm built by the Search Engine Company, to go through websites to find and index keywords and content to determine the site's value and importance relative to search queries made by users. This is referred to as crawling. The Search Engines crawl sites at different rates depending on the traffic the site receives and how often the site's content is updated to provide the most relative and useful results to the end-user.

What can DigiFi do for you?

Effective content management from the ground up can have a massive effect on the traffic a web site receives. This all lies within the backend of a website, the code the Search Engines see. We will assess your current website, its position in relative search rankings based on important keywords and the physical content of your website.  From here, we'll lay out a strategy that integrates with your current marketing efforts to build your brand's online presence, generate more traffic to your site, and ultimately generate more business leads.

We'll go through all relevant Social Media pages, online directories and other posts to ensure that another key element, links to your site, helps you rank as high as possible.

High rankings don't happen overnight, it can take up to three months for a campaign to reach its final target. Keeping this in mind, each of our campaigns use a step by step approach, building up through a timeline of key performance indicators that are constantly monitored. Utilising a vast array of reporting tools a campaign's progress can be tracked and adjustments will be made to guarantee your site and your brand gets the best exposure possible.